Thrive Church

why thrive church?

We are excited to share with you our purpose!  We don't believe you were meant to just barely survive life... that isn't to say we won't experience trials and hard seasons.  The Bible tells us in the gospel of John that we will have 'trouble' in this life.  But it goes on to encourage us that Jesus Christ has overcome the world!  He is for you and desires a relationship with you.  He does!  At Thrive Church, we are all about loving people and pursuing an intimate relationship with our Creator.

We live out our purpose through our Core Values...

core values

thrive in heart

We find our identity through Jesus Christ and what He did for us through the cross.

thrive in conversation

We spend time listening and praying to the Father and allow our lives to speak from that place.

thrive in community

We realize meaningful relationships by being vulnerable and embracing authenticity.

thrive in worship

We abandon what is comfortable to us and embrace a passion for His presence.

thrive in influence

We turn from cultural norms and look to scripture as our source for truth and spiritual growth.

thrive in focus

We replace our selfish ambition with compassion for those who are in need through outreach and missions.

thrive in Generosity

We seek to build the Kingdom and find financial wholeness by following biblical giving principles.