Thrive teams


Ready to use your gifts on Sunday morning? Join us for an exciting opportunity to be a part of a serve team at Thrive! We're looking for individuals who are passionate and eager to use their gifts to serve our community.

Worship Team

Thrive Worship leads others into an intimate time or worship and helps them embrace a passion for God’s presence. We achieve this through creating and leading an atmosphere where people can worship authentically. This team is an ideal place for those with a musical background and a passion to lead others in worship.

Guest Experience Team

The Guest Experience Team goal is to create a welcoming and comfortable place for people to experience all God has for them. Impactful ministry begins when we step out of our comfort zone so our guests don’t have to. This team is ideal for individuals looking to serve others.

Kids Team

Thrive Kids creates an exciting, inclusive, and safe atmosphere for kids to learn about the love of Jesus! We want every kid to have a heart that hears from God and pursues Him with all they have. This includes helping kids develop a personal friendship with Jesus! This team is ideal for those who love being with, and teaching, kids.

youth Team

Thrive YTH exists to empower the next generation to embrace the presence of Jesus and thrive in their walk with Him! We accomplish this by leading into a genuine atmosphere for building relationships, hearing God’s word, breaking into small groups, and having fun! This team is ideal for people committed to hanging out with and helping the next generation grow.

Production Team

The Thrive Production team is focused on creating an immersive and distraction free environment for people to encounter Jesus. We achieve this through in-person and online experiences. This team is ideal for people with technical background and longing to serve behind the scenes.

Socials Team

Thrive Socials team exists to engage and build connections within the community using various online platforms. We do this by posting strategically and consistently throughout the week. This team is creatives who love photography, graphic design, and social media.

Coffee Team

Thrive Coffee Team is passionate about serving one another through providing delicious coffee to others. We accomplish this by striving for excellence in the coffee we make and serve. This team is ideal for people with a genuine joy and desire to serve customers.

Prayer Team

The Thrive Prayer Team plays a vital role in supporting the spiritual well-being of our church community by offering prayers, comfort, and encouragement. The Prayer team is ideal for individuals with a passion for intercession and a heart for helping others grow in their faith.

Thrive Care Team

Thrive Care focuses on providing ministry support through relationships that are cultivated in Thrive Groups and Thrive Teams. We assist individuals who have personal needs, and we want to help celebrate significant milestones of faith and family when they occur! This team is ideal for compassionate and hospitable people.

Safety Team

The Thrive Safety team is committed to providing a safe worship experience for our guests to connect with God. The safety team ensures all families can safely and confidently leave their kids with our Thrive Kids experience. This team is ideal for the behind the scenes and safety mindset people.

Event Team

Thrive’s Event Team is passionate about serving and uplifting our community by turning our events into memorable experiences. With attention to detail and creativity, we breathe life into each event’s vision, planning, and execution. This team is ideal for creative and organized driven people!